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Assessment Essay

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Nivea is an undertaken brand which is run under the famous international company named Beierdorf. This company is well-known for its skin care products. This company has availability all over the world. Which offers different type of products for different type of people. Since last 10 years, this company grown very well due to its wide range of products. Under the Nivea brand there are around 9 different products. Nivea Sun Cream is one of those 9 products. In Australian region, this product has recorded 4% of growth in the year 2011. Sales of this Nivea Sun cream has been raised by 5%. Company believes that this Nivea Sun Cream is the most important segment for all people of Australia.
Nivea has wide range of Sun Creams which is shown below:

Target Market:
  * Males, females aging between 18 to 35
  * Residing in big crowded urban area
  * People who have professional mentality
  * People who are concerned about their skin

In this market there are few competitors like Colgate Company, Energizer, Johnson and Johnson, Oreal, Gillette and many more.

Gillette mostly focuses on its quality. They manufacture a premium quality of product which might have some advanced technology. Loreal is also an tough competitor for Nivea.

There were some issues with Nivea Sun cream which came into light relating marketing which are described followed.
  * Slow Market Growth: In 2011 in Australia, Prices of Sun Cream prices were dropped
  * Competition: Now a days people are aware about their skin which resulted many manufacturer started newer products. All these manufacturer are offering best UV protection Sun Cream products. This resulted in big competition for Nivea.
  * Technology: Every brands are keep trying to use the latest technology to make the latest and the most effective product. Nivea is also updating its technology for its each product range.
Brand Performance
Year | Brand Value | Brand Rating | Enterprise Value | Value/ Ent. Value |...

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