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Assesments Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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• Analysis of Assessment Roles

Choose one of the roles that assessment plays in the counseling field other than initial assessment for treatment. Examples are discussed in Chapter 13 of your text, such as Treatment Matching, Monitoring Treatment Progress, Evaluation and Accountability, Outcome Assessment, or Data Analysis. Select a scholarly peer-reviewed article from the Capella Library that presents an example of this type of assessment in practice. It may be a case study or a research study that describes and reinforces the role of assessment. Summarize the study and integrate information from the text to illustrate how the article exemplifies the role of assessment

It can be easily assumed that assessments can be extremely useful with many functions with personal results. The major functions of assessments is that it takes time that requires attention to find the positive outcomes. This process of observing allows the counselor to identify what problems are occurs to find a solution for the client (Whiston, 2013). Every client will have different needs and goals that would be different then other clients, making each assessment   unique in its own. Counselors provide specific treatment and identify and change any occurrences that might affect the client. At the very least, the counselor is equipped to find and understand what the client is dealing with on a systemic level.

One research study that focused on results from groups that gave research a better understanding on how they work together through on-going sessions (Slone, Reese, Duvall, & Kodet, 2015). The study allowed the researchers to see who participated and who did not.   Counselors were also able to see the progression on each clients and who was not benefiting from the exercise. It seems that monitoring the clients and watching step by step progression allows for both the client and counselor to identify any hiccups during the exercise.   (Slone et al., 2015). With assessments available. This...

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