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Assesment Findings for Andrenergic Stimulation Essay

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Steven K Bews
ITT-Technical Institute

Assessment findings for adrenergic stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system
  * Central nervous system signs of stimulation are heightened awareness, insomnia, delusion, and hallucinations.
  * Cardiovascular signs of stimulation Increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased contractility of the heart may be felt as a stronger pulse from higher cardiac volume.
  * Respiratory signs of stimulation bronchodilation resulting in improved air flow in and out of the lungs clearing of breath sounds improved spo2
  * GI tract signs of stimulation are decreased motility of the smooth muscle in the intestines equals reduced excretion and less passing of gas.
  *   GU signs of stimulation relaxation of the bladder muscles and increased tension on the sphincter equals less urine output. Beta 2 will relax the uterus and alpha 1 will make it contract. Alpha 1 stimulates ejaculation in males.
  * Skin signs of stimulation vasoconstriction of the skin will result in a pale appearance and cool to the touch.
  * Eye signs of stimulation pupil dilation and vasoconstriction of the blood vessels of the eye reduced redness
  * Salivary signs of stimulation increased saliva secretion
  * Reproduction signs of stimulation alpha1 stimulation in males will cause ejaculation. Reproductive organs are not normally part of fight or flight mechanism so we see a decrease in function I.E. flaccid penis the uterus may contract or relax depending on the receptor stimulated (Lilley,Collins, 2014).

Conditions that would require adrenergic drugs.
  * Open angle glaucoma agonist naphazoline reduced ocular pressure pupil dilation.
  * Cardiopulmonary arrest – agonists- epinephrine, dopamine signs of therapeutic effect increased heart rate increased spo2, increased blood pressure.
Adrenergic drugs used to treat
  * Nasal decongestion- phenylephrine causes vasoconstriction of...

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