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As Good as It Gets Movie Review

  • Submitted by: mishhappens
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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If you choose As Good As It Gets, answer the following question: At what point (if any) would you say Melvin (Jack Nicholson) begins to recover from OCD? Provide examples from the movie that are evidence of his progress.
In the movie, As Good As It Gets, the main character, Melvin, suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). He turns the locks on his doors 4 times before being assured they are locked. He wears gloves when coming in contact with another living being but will still wash his hands with new bar of soap after each contact. When eating out, he will bring his own plastic utensils in a sealed package so that he doesn’t have use the utensils from the restaurant. He does not allow others into his apartment nor will allow himself to come in casual physical contact with people on the streets. Melvin refuses to step on cracks on the floor, sometimes walking like he is dancing to avoid them. He insists on routines such as sitting at the same table in the restaurant and being served by the same waitress daily.
The first incident that provides Melvin with a small breakthrough with his OCD was when his neighbor had to be hospitalized and they needed someone to care for his little dog. Melvin despised the dog but the dog was placed inside his apartment against his will. It caused Melvin some stress that there was another living being in his apartment, but he soon adjusted to it and enjoyed having the dog as company. In one scene, Melvin was sitting at his regular table being served by his regular waitress, Carol, with the dog tied up outside the restaurant door. Carol commented about how the dog might be stolen and Melvin realized that he couldn’t see the dog from that table and voluntarily moved to a different table so that he could keep an eye on the dog. This was a major step for him. Additionally, Melvin and the dog were walking outside. It was noticeable that as Melvin stepped over each crack in the sidewalk, the dog did the same. Melvin commented to...

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