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Articulator Essay

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- Introduction
- Definition
- Uses of articulators
- Advantages
- Limitations
- Requirements
- Laws of articulation
- Arcon concept
- Evolution of articulators
- Classifications
- Conclusion


The final test for success or failure of complete denture is made in the patient’s mouth. Mouth comprising of the maxilla with the two TMJ’s acts as the best articulator. But due to the innumerable procedures out to fabricate prosthesis, a mechanical device simulating the 2 jaws and the TMJ’s is needed for the cave of work and comfort of patient. This device is called articulator. Articulators can simulate, but they can not dup1icate, all possible mandibular movements.

Definition: (GPT)

A mechanical device or instrument that represents the two TMJ’s and jaws, to which maxillary and mandibular casts may be attached to simulate some or all mandibular movements.

Uses of Articulator

1. Primary purpose being:
            To hold opposing cast in predetermined fixed relationship
            To open and close
To produce border and intra border diagnostic sliding motion of the teeth       similar to those in the mouth.
2. To diagnose dental occlusal condition in both the natural and artificial dentition.
3. To plan dental procedures that involve positions contours and relationships of both natural and artificial teeth as they relate to each other.
4. To aid in fabrication of dental restorations and lost dental parts.
5. To correct and modify completed restoration.


1. Properly mounted casts allow the operator to better visualize the patient's occlusion, esp. from lingual view.
2. When articulating teeth for C.D, the lingual view as provided with the articulator is essential if a proper occlusal scheme is to be developed.
3. Pt's co-operation is not a factor when using an articulator once the appropriate inter occlusal records is obtained from the patients.
4. The refinement of CD occlusion...

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