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Articles of Confederation Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Anne Dille
U.S. History 1211
19 January 2015
If the U.S. Kept the Articles of Confederation
Before the United States' current governing document, the U.S. Constitution, was created, the Articles of Confederation served as the primary governing document. The articles were ratified on March 1, 1781 as a result of the war-torn nation during that time. The Continental Congress wrote the articles primarily to give the colonies some sense of a unified government. However, it only resulted in failure as the articles were ultimately found to be too weak for an effective government. With the document containing several flaws, the main issue was that there was a weak, central government under the Articles of Confederation. With this brief information about the articles, it can be questioned on how the U.S. would be different if the Articles of Confederation remained as the governing document. Matter of fact, the United States would have changed in aspects like political, economic, social/religion, territory, and diplomatic if they kept the articles.
When concerning the political impact that the articles would have made if they were still active, it's important to know that the states would be more nation-like today; the United States of America would be seen as more of an alliance of countries rather than a single country. There was no national army or navy under the articles. The U.S. would basically lack any defense today. Also, the U.S. would lack a president to serve as the head of the government. Without the idea of presidency, there would be no elections taking place. There also wouldn't be a system of national courts present. With the states remaining sovereign and independent, Congress served as the last resort on appeal of disputes. It is clear that in political terms, the United States would change dramatically as a result of the Articles of Confederation remaining in present day,
The economy of the U.S. under the articles would differ greatly...

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