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  • on March 24, 2012
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Today 23rd March at 1:30pm, there has been a complicated accident in the busy town Clapham; chaos has disturbed the town centre. A tanker carrying a rather large amount of washing up liquid has leaked and spread far and wide. The company ‘Bubs and Subs’ are very ashamed of the mishap which has destructed many things; such as, causing heavy traffic and destruction which has led to health and safety problems.
The company ‘Bubs and Suds’ are extremely embarrassed of the accident and very concerned about the health and safety of the residents surrounding residents. They have agreed to pay back every single penny to clean up the soapy roads; which approximately will cost £15,000, they are very confused because they have never experienced such a disaster. The council will also make them pay extra for damaging other things such as the traffic lights and poles. ‘Bubs and Suds’ will have to pay a very hefty amount to the council and they are in quite trouble as they could be shutting down. Some passing people who were affected suggested to the council to start a petition named ‘Closing Bubs and Suds’.
The spillage took place during rush hour so it had an impact on many people coming home from work. The soap was very dangerous because many pedestrians were slipping and some children were pushed with the pressure of the speed of the soap. We spoke to a driver who was coming home from work: Mr Wright and he explained ‘It’s a Friday! I’m coming from a tiring day at work and I see pools of soap! Absolutely barbaric! I think the company should be ‘shut down’, they have caused so much distress to us; I am very angry!” Mr Wright was one of the many people who very raging with anger because of the peculiar incident. Due the spillage: ‘Bird Road’ had to be closed for pedestrians and drivers to clean the remaining suds. However, closing ‘Bird Road’ has led to insane traffic on connected roads such as ‘Reed Street’ and ‘Sundown Avenue’. There has been a lot of havoc today!

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