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Art Review

  • Submitted by: jcoffman1
  • on April 2, 2014
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Jonathon Jones
March 13, 2014 until June 22, 2014
Cezanne and the Modern
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
This review was published by the Guardian.com which is a British owned news website therefore the article is meant for the general public.
Jones review contains both facts and opinions; I would say about 80% fact and about 20% opinion.   He does a fantastic job at describing three pieces of work that are part of the exhibit.   As I read Jonathon Jones descriptions of Cézanne’s masterpieces in this exhibit I can’t help myself from feeling a bit amazed at his ability to describe these pieces with such incredible brilliance.   He verbally paints a picture using words such as colors i.e., egg shell blues, ochre’s, stabs of vibrating pigment, etc. that call to you to want to see more.   I don’t see any grand generalizations in his work here.   I see that he has put careful thought into his writing and that he has a great respect for the work that he is writing about he is focused on Cezanne and the exhibit at hand.   I reviewed all the pieces in the exhibit and they are fabulous.   Those chosen by Jones in his review are very nice and he did a terrific job in his review I agree with his opinions.   I am really rather impressed with his writing actually especially considering his background.
Jonathon Jones is originally from North Wales.   His parents were both teachers and the family spent there summers in Rome where Jones was exposed to the works of Michael Angelo.   They traveled to Florence and perused museums.   Jones attended state school in Britain and later attended Cambridge University.   While at Cambridge he read History.   I believe this means that he studied history on his own and that history was not his major while at Cambridge but I was not able to clarify.   While at Cambridge he fell in love and married, he and his wife moved to Providence, Rhode Island.   Mr. Jones began freelance writing for magazines as well as The Guardian.   He wrote about various art exhibits...

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