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Art of Living a Life in a Better Way Leading to Success Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Art of Living a Life in a Better Way Leading to Success" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


1. “A Stone That Is Fit For The Wall Will Not Be Found On Road”
There is but one straight road to success; and that’s merit. The man who is successful is the man who is useful. There is no doubt that any person, who works hard with a strong work ethic and is ambitious, eager and willing will be almost certainly be noticed and quickly find a position where he will be quickly appreciated.
Capacity never lacks opportunity, it cannot remain undiscovered.
If   you come to be known as a person, that can be relied upon to get a job done, who is efficient and productive, has initiative and is prepared to accept challenges and has positive attitude to you work and you co-workers, you will be considered a great asset by any well run organization.
Your skills will make you an attractive person to the market places; your reputation will precede you. Opportunity will seek you out.
If you believe above philosophy, then develop your skills, keep refining all parts of your character and yourself, be an attractive persons through merits.

2. “The Pleasure Of Working”
Work is the true elixir of life. It has laid foundation of ll business any every fortune.
Success comes to those who put their work first into their life and got involved, became engrossed and loved their work.
This tremendous attitude of theirs changed a job from drudgery to pure job; and made their life sweet, purposeful and rewarding.
Someone has rightly quoted that: “Happiness is always a rebound from hard work.”

3. “The Value of Time”
A minute is lost is a minute lost forever; as time cannot be accumulated, mortgaged, hastened or retarded.
Time is one of the most precious resources; it is probably the only that once last can never be retrieved.
Know the true value of time. Snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it.
Therefore, no idleness, no procrastination.

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