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Art History Essay

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  • on April 4, 2014
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Chapter 7 Jewish , Early Christian and Byzantine art
Done by – Ieshangie Gamage 3558 Amanda Ranawaka 3534





Religious Book
Religious leader Belief in God




Torah (Old testament of Bible)
Hebrew Prophet (monotheistic) believe that god made a covenant with their ancestors and Hebrews are god chosen people.

Bible (Old testament+ New Testament)
Jesus Christ (monotheistic) Believe that Jesus was the Messiah and Jesus is disguise in human form and experienced all the sufferings and then rose from the dead and ascended to heaven after building churches under leadership of the apostles.


Prophet Mohammed (monotheistic) Believe that Mohammed is the last Greatest prophet of god after Hebrew prophet and Jesus and the prophet who found Islam.

EARLY JEWISH ART • Jewish art was inspired by Near Eastern, Greek Classical, and Roman art where as they forbade depicting representational art as well as worshiping idols. • 10 commandments (in the 2nd book of Torah) which was inscribed on a tablet has been kept in the Ark of Covenant ( gold colored wooden box).

Jewish Catacomb Art • Six Jewish catacombs ,with the walls depicting the Jewish themes had been discovered in Rome. • The wall painting of Menorah and Ark of the Covenant (3rd cent.) is found from a Jewish catacomb in Villa Torlonia in Rome . • Two menorahs (seven-branched lamp) and the Ark of Covenant had been depicted on the painting as Menorah was a precious looted object which keeps the memory of the lost Jewish treasures alive .

Menorah and the Ark of the Covenant (3rd cent.) (3’11”* 5’9”(1.19* 1.8 m))

First temple in Jerusalem • First temple in Jerusalem is built by King Solomon (10th cen.). • The main purpose was to housed the Ark of Covenant and also it held an importance to Jews as it was considered as the spiritual center of Jewish life. • Courtyard, main hall, and two bronze pillars are some...

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