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Arguments for Impeachment Essay

  • Submitted by: KeemTheDream99
  • on April 1, 2014
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Arguments For Impeachment

SPEAKER- The speaker of this document is Charles Sumner. We know that the speaker is a senator of Massachusetts, who favored Andrew Johnson’s conviction, and filed a harsh opinion in the case. We know this information strictly from the document itself. We know from further research that Charles Sumner was an American politician and senator from Massachusetts. We also know from further research that sumner was the leader of the antislavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the radical republicans in the United States. Charles Sumner is also known as the victim of a violent beating that nearly took his life, a South Carolina Congressman by the name Preston Brooks is the person who committed this crime against sumner. This Event was titled “Bleeding Sumner.”
OCCASSION- The document was written in 1868 , The year Johnson was impeached, There is great historical significance to this document it tells the reason why Johnson was impeached. Johnson was the first president in the United States to ever be impeached so this is very big in history and that is why it is so important.

AUDEINCE- This document in my opinion was written to inform the United States of the wrongs of this man and how truly guilty this man, our president Andrew Jackson was and why he should be impeached.

PURPOSE- The purpose of this document was to inform U.S citizens the wrongdoings of of our president Andrew Johnson. The document was designed to show U.S citizens that Andrew Johnson was a guilty man who deserved and needed to be impeached. In my opinion the document was very straightforward and got down to the point, quickly described and told why Johnson was a guilty man.

SUBJECT- The subject or basic story of this document is the attempt to explain and help get through U.S citizens heads that Andrew Johnson no longer deserved to be our president and that he needed to be impeached.

TONE- The tone of the document remained the same throughout the...

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