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Argument Essay

  • Submitted by: Airborne20
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 346 words

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Argument Essay Peer Review
Step 1:   Read Essay out loud to each other.
  * Readers:   Listen for any sentences read differently by your partner and discuss.
  * Writers:   Did you hear anything awkward while reading?   Make corrections.
Step 2:   Follow the instructions given and answer the following questions about your partner’s essay:
  1.   Suggest revisions so that the title hooks the reader.
  1. Is the thesis an argument or statement of fact?  
  2. What is the opposing view to the writer’s argument?  
  3. Does the writer choose a side (can’t argue both positions)?
Body Paragraphs:
  1. Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence with point of argument?  
  2. What are the points of argument for each topic sentence?
  2. What are the supporting points for each body paragraph have supporting points?
  3. Does the writer include quotes to prove his/her topic sentences?
  4. Show how the writer correctly integrates a quote in each body paragraph.
Opposing View:
  1. How has the writer addressed the opposing view?
  2. How has the writer shown how his/her position is more correct than the opposing view’s?
Rhetorical Appeals:
  1. How does the writer appeal to the reader’s emotions?
  2. How does the writer prove he/she is credible?
  3. How does the writer appeal to the reader’s logic?
MLA Format:
  1. Does the writer use Times New Roman 12pt?
  2. Does the writer have a correct heading?
  3. Does the writer have a correct header?
  4. Does the writer have a correctly formatted title (not underlined, bold, all caps, huge)?
  5. Does the writer correctly punctuate and format all parenthetical citations?
  * If the author’s name is used in the sentence, it shouldn’t be in parenthesis;
  * If the source is a web source, it probably will not have page numbers;
  * Did the writer separate author’s last name and page number with a comma?   If so, this is incorrect.  
  * Did the writer use the correct piece of info in the...

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