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Argument Essay

  • Submitted by: IceKitsune
  • on April 1, 2014
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Campus Pets
Throughout our lives many of us have had a furry, scaly or feathered companion and when we get to college that all changes we have a lot more responsibilities piled onto us such as: work, homework, classes and making new friends; but we no longer have our companion if we live in the dorms. My argument is that there should be a dorm for us to be able to have our pets with us during the school year.
When I first came to ISU I was torn between excitement and fear of the huge change in my life this along with classes and homework that had me stressed out. My way to relieve stress for many years has been to hang out with my dogs Louie, Boo and Blanket or with my grandmas bird Sparky but with college I did not go home and hang out with them as much as I used to: I have only been away from campus like ten times since the start of the semester.   It was really tough to adjust to college life because of this and made me all the more stressed. So next year I was thinking that I would maybe live in the campus apartments but that plan quickly vanished when I realized that it would not be directly on campus making it as inconvenient as living at home.
Pets help us get through the tough times in life and college is one of these times that we need all the help we can get.   At Indiana State University the only pet that is allowed in the dorms are fish in a small tank. One of the most relaxing activities for me is sitting with my pets and watching them play; this helps me relieve stress and focus.   The university apartments allow small pets and birds in cages but they are far enough away and expensive enough that it is inconvenient to live there just to have a pet. It would be more convenient to have one dorm or more, depending on the demand of who wants to have small pets, where you could have your small caged animal or bird and it would only cost a little bit more per month.   The other opinion would be it could cause more work for the housekeepers and people may...

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