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Archetype Tom Lee of the a Tale of Two Cities Essay

  • Submitted by: Tom4L1
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: History
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Tom Lee
Mrs. Lopez
Pre-AP English 2 5th
24 February 2015
Which Archetype are you?
Have you ever read stories like "Harry Potter" or "Shrek"? If you have, you are familiar
with Ron, Hermione and Donkey, who are best friends and companions of heroes such as Harry
Potter and Shrek. They help these heroes throughout the story, and I'm a lot like these
companions. Since when I was young, I always love to help other people and just listen to them.
For instance, when I was in elementary school, I was in baseball team with my best friend. My
best friend, Kyle, was an outstanding pitcher and nobody wanted to catch his hard balls.
However, I volunteered to be catcher just to help Kyle and hopes to make him feel better. I
actually played the entire season along with Kyle and helped him to collect numerous medals.
Also,   when I was in 8th grade, one of my closest friend was having an awful time between
problems with his parents and troubles in school. Although he refused to speak to most people, I
decided to be there to listen to him whenever he needs me. Ultimately, I believe that I was there
along with others to make his humanity come out to other students. Next, I think although I'm
generally quiet and shy, I've always had few very close friends that I truly trusted. I love to help
and listen to them talking because I can learn from them and understand their perspectives. My
concern for others, volunteering, and listening to other people demonstrates my archetypal
character, companion. I think I have about three archetypal symbols, which are fire, red and blue.
Since I'm very passionate about things I love and tend to stick with things until I finish them, fire
and red, which represents passion, could be my archetypal symbols. Also, since I believe that I
have a great work ethic, spiritual, and inspire others, blue, which represents the spirit, loyalty,
and work ethic, could be my other archetypal symbol.

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