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Araby Essay

  • Submitted by: jpatterson7585
  • on March 23, 2012
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Dr. Fertig
English Composition II
3 February 2012
Analysis of “Araby”
In James Joyce story “Araby,” the main character is a young boy who mistakes obsession with love. The boy thinks he is in love with a girl, but all of his thoughts, feelings and emotions show that he is obsessed with the young girl. Because of the boy is obsessed with the young girl, he does not understand the meaning of love.
As the boy first describes what the girl looks like, you can tell that he notices every detail about her such as, “her dress swung as she moved her body and the soft rope   of her hair tossed from side to side”(Joyce). Typically someone would not notice details about another unless the other person intrigues them in some way. The boy is also obsessed with her threw his actions. Every morning he waits, so he can follow her. The young boy lies "on the floor in the front parlor watching her. The blind was pulled down to within an inch of the sash so that [he] could not be seen" (Joyce) This shows that the boy, by present day law was stalking her. Stalking is a characteristic with obsession.
As the boy follows her, he describes her as such: “I kept her brown figure always in my eye, and when we came near the point at which our ways diverged, I quickened my pace and passed her. This happened morning after morning. I had never spoken to her, except for a few casual words, and yet her name was like a summons to all my foolish blood" (Joyce). This show how deep his obsession is for the young girl because he makes it a point to go out of his way to cross paths with her as much as he can. Another example, show his deep rooted obsession for the young girl comes after the two have one of very few conversations. During conversation, the young girl asks the young boy if he is "going to Araby" (Joyce), and then the girl states that "it would be a splendid bazaar, she would love to go" (Joyce), but she already had plans elsewhere. Lastly, the young boy announces, "If I go, I will...

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