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Arab-League Essay

  • Submitted by: AsandaThondlana
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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In various states today, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) are developed in order to act as representatives for their inhabitants or states that fall within their category. In this essay, the Arab-league is evaluated. The Arab- league, formally known as the League of Arab states, over the years, has amounted to consisting of 22 states. The history of their existence is discussed later on in the essay.   Using the theory of IGOs, the origins of the Arab League are explained and its goals and functions will be evaluated. With the goals and functions, a conclusion will be able to be drawn as to whether they have managed to comply with the requirements of a small military alliance. The essay is concluded with sufficient evidence that the league of Arab states has managed to, over the years, develop into a moderately strong military alliance and properly representing the Arab states.

Definition and purpose
An IGO is defined as “an entity created by treaty involving two or more nations to work in good faith, on issues of common interest… It does not exist in legal sense” (Harvard). It has a main purpose of building a relationship between various states, either according to common religious beliefs or through common entities. These organizations aim to create peace and security for its inhabitants as well as economic and social goals that they aim to fulfill. There are various IGOs across the world, ranging from about 270-1000 in the world. Not all IGOs follow the same ideals and neither do they conform to the same things. However, each organization has to comply by certain traditions of an IGO.
Examples of IGOs would be the United Nations (UN) or European Union (EU). These two organizations are most popular in the IGOs, mainly because they have not limited themselves to a particular group of states. The UN serves as the organization that provides help to other states during catastrophic times....

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