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Apwh Ch 20 Study Guide Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Chapter 20 Study Guide- Northern Eurasia 1500-1800

Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Use the question as the stem of your answer. Page numbers are provided.

  1. What did Hideyoshi do in 1592? P.512
      He invaded korea
  2. What were the most dramatic consequences of the Japanese invasions? P.512
      They weakened the chinese garrison, leaving Manchu able to strike.
  3. What kind of artisan achievements were made in Japan in the 1600s and 1700s? p.512
      They established a new government and helped the economy
  4. What were three (3) impacts of European contact with Japan? P.513
      The Japanese economy increased, better armorers, and new goods.
  5. What was the eventual response of the Japanese government to Christianity? P.514-5
      They persecuted them.
  6. List three (3) reasons that contributed to the instability of the Tokugawa Shogunate. P.515-6
      It was military based, they had Confucian beliefs, and they tried to kep lords and samurai in power.
  7. What was the fate of the samurai of the Forty-Seven Ronin incident? P.516
      They were given an honorable death.
  8. What astonished Europeans about Ming China? P.517
      Their imperial power, population, and exquisite manufacturers.
  9. What did workers in Jingdezhen do to protest working conditions? P.517
      They built assembly lines
  10. Although the European sent a steady supply of ships to trade with China, how did the Chinese respond to Western trade? P.518
      They did not like them, and banned the Portuguese.
  11. How were the Portuguese, the first Europeans to arrive in East Asia, received by the Chinese? P.518
      They were banished.
  12. How did the Dutch gain favor in China? Be specific. P.518
  13. How did the Jesuits under Matteo Ricci’s leadership seek to enhance their status in China? P.518-9
  14. Who did the...

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