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Apush123 Essay

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Question 1 (DBQ)
The 8 - 9 Essay
• Contains a well-developed thesis that identifies Cold War fears in the aftermath of World
War II and evaluates how successfully the Eisenhower administration addressed these fears
• Discusses several Cold War fears 1948ñ1961 and analyzes the degree of success of the
Eisenhower administration in addressing these fears
• Effectively uses a substantial number of documents
• Supports thesis with substantial and relevant outside information
• Is clearly organized and well-written
• May contain minor errors
The 5 - 7 Essay
• Contains a thesis that identifies Cold War fears 1948ñ1961 and actions taken by the
Eisenhower administration
• Discusses some Cold War fears 1948ñ1961 and some actions taken by the Eisenhower
administration with regard to Cold War issues; may have limited analysis and may focus
considerably more on one part of the question than the other
• Uses some documents effectively
• Supports thesis with some outside information
• Shows evidence of acceptable organization and writing; language errors do not interfere with
comprehension of the essay
• May contain errors that do not seriously detract from the quality of the essay
The 2 - 4 Essay
• Contains a limited, confused, and/or poorly developed thesis
• Deals with the question in a general manner; simplistic explanation or answers only one part
of the question
• Quotes or briefly cites some documents
• Contains little outside information or information that is generally inaccurate or irrelevant
• Has problems in organization
• May contain major errors
The 0 - 1 Essay
• Contains no thesis or a thesis which does not address the question
• Exhibits inadequate or inaccurate understanding of the question
• Contains little or no understanding of the documents or ignores them completely
• Is so poorly organized or written that it inhibits understanding
• Contains numerous errors, both major and minor

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  • on April 3, 2014
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