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Apush Essay

  • Submitted by: Africanman1
  • on April 1, 2014
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What is an absolute monarch? How was absolutism encouraged by the belief of the divine right of monarchs and upheavals of the time?
An absolute monarch is one with complete control within their state’s boundaries.   This absolutism was encouraged by the fact that kings or queens had been picked by God to rule and therefore had the “divine right” to rule the people. Upheavals also encouraged absolutism by the fact that they caused warfare and revolts which caused the monarch to take power to maintain order and stabilize the country.
One of the key factors encouraging absolutism was divine right. Divine right is the idea that God had created the monarchy and the monarch acted as God’s representative on Earth. Through this idea, people believed that the monarch was chosen by God to rule and therefore had the divine right to hold all power within the state, as they were God’s representative.   France was a majority Catholic state and most people were religious. Being religious they believed that if God had picked the monarchy to rule then the monarchy should have complete power to rule.
The next event which led to the monarchy achieving absolute power was the upheavals taking place in France.   There were many territorial and religious conflicts which were occurring inside and outside of France.   These conflicts were the cause of continuous warfare between armies. To pay for these armies, governments had to levy even higher taxes which led to revolts, protests and widespread unrest. The monarchy used this to their advantage by increasing their power to try and impose order and create stability. They began regulating everything from religious worship to social gatherings, as well as created new government bureaucracies to control the economy of the country. Ultimately the goal was to free themselves of any limitations on power by freeing themselves from the nobility and parliament.
An absolute monarch is one who holds all of the power within their states’ power...

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