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Aps Changing Careers Essay

  • Submitted by: mchoww
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The world is constantly changing. With every passing day comes a new discovery. With these discoveries come change and change can sometimes, if not most times can cause issues, especially in society. However, the disciplines of the social sciences are evolving and creating solutions.   With these solutions come careers and opportunities for advancement. Technology, the idea of the whole world being democratic, and a unified culture will affect future social science careers.

For many years, anthropologists have been studying cultures of other people of different nations. However, globalization has been descending culture and making the nations more westernized. It has been reported that the citizens of the Philippines are losing their mother tongue because of constant English broadcasting through television, radio, and other forms of media such as magazines and the internet. This means that the entire discipline, career(s), field of anthropology will also descend. It is humanly impossible of anthropologists to study other cultures or use any of their methods such as participant-observer if the world is becoming globalized and people are forgetting who they are and where they came from. Cultures all over the world and leaning towards the westernized life style because the core countries seem to have wealthy and comfortable lifestyles and all the benefits of a secure environment, health care, high degree of freedom, and a government free of corruption. These are things that countries in the periphery strive for so they adapt all the qualities including culture as well.

Technology has changed the study of psychology in many ways. Several fields of psychology relating to technology have developed. For example, engineering psychologists examine the relationship between humans and technology. This examination creates ways to improve technology by understanding the human mind. An engineering psychologist may be a consultant on a team for redesigning a consumer...

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