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Application of Social Media in Smes Essay

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Application of social media in SMEs
Social Media Marketing Strategies Used By the SMEs
The main social media marketing strategies used by the SMEs in advertising as well as making of sales include in use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, YouTube, Google as well as LinkedIn (Sandra et al, 2014). With the increased use of smartphones as well as increased access of internet services have ensured that most of the target market has access to the information via the social media platform. TMaría et al, (2015) also supports (Sandra et al, 2014) report by saying that indeed Facebook has contributed more than 53% increase in the sales for the SMEs. The main reason why they are become very popular includes the facts like they are cost effective as well they are efficient in terms of time and efficiency they provide to both the seller as well as the buyer.   The social media marketing strategy and these different platforms have enabled the SMEs to increase expand to an extent of globalizing their operations due to the larger market size that this strategies   exposes the sector to. For example to report given by Mark et al, (2013) Facebook is the best social media platform used by SMEs in both USA and UK accounting for about 44 per cent of all the revenues generated by SMEs.
Benefits the SMEs have gained from their use of social media marketing
According to Margaret & Alexis (2015), there are so many benefits that social media strategies in SMEs have been credited with. Some of these benefits include the social media’s ability to increase social contacts, hasten business operations. Through social media for example Facebook it is very easy for the SMEs to establish some contacts with it’s a target customers thus expanding its brand as well as well market size.
Monica et al, (2009) argues that the social media also provide SMEs with the opportunity to improve their customer relations whereby they can actually engage them to simpler...

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