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Apollo Vietnam Essay

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Group Gray:
Đào Sơn Tùng
Trần Tuệ Thư
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thảo
Hoàng Diệu Ly
Đinh Thế Nam

Apollo Vietnam, founded in 1994, is the first fully foreign owned English language training company in Vietnam. It is an affiliate of International House – a well established name in English teaching. As per its slogan “Where the best become better”, Apollo continues to strive to maintain ourselves as the top class English teaching organization in Vietnam. Apollo has achieved many awards by Vietnamese and United Kingdom Government such as: MBE services in education in Vietnam, the Golden Dragon award in 2008, the best brand training Vietnamnet 2007 etc. With six standard centers in Vietnam, Apollo offers a wide range of courses which fulfill the needs of Vietnamese: kids, teenagers, adults etc.
This is report for Apollo project required by Apollo center. The report concerns the idea of designing a new course for Apollo. The main aims of this report are to analyze some English training market data along with information of Apollo center, and to design a new course from arranging resources, estimating cost and profit to developing curriculum, setting price, name and slogan for this course.
In the report, the findings and information present four main issues:
  1. The reasons to design this course
  2. Apollo’s competitors, strengths, weakness and opportunities, threats
  3. Course detail
  4. Arranging resources and estimating profit
All information is collected in website of Apollo, Equest, Aroma and many other English Centers. Following these findings, the course is designed and conclusions are drawn with a number of recommendations about marketing this course.

I. Market research
1. Market
After doing the survey on the Internet, we have found that people from 16 to 23 want to improve English and a lot of them want to take a chance to study in tourism as they...

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