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Apollo 13 Essay

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Apollo 13
Jim is having a party at his house to see Neil Armstrong be the first person to walk on the moon. This influenced Jim to do what he just saw. Later in his years, he finally gets picked to go to the moon. Very excited he goes home and tells the family the news. His son is terrified that there is going to be an accident like a couple missions ago where the spacecraft exploded. Jim promises his son that everything will be okay. Before their mission takeoff, they find out one of their crew members is “sick” and won’t be aloud to go up in space. So they put the next person in line up, Jack Swagger. During the simulation Jack “killed” them. Fred and Jim and extremely nervous about what will happen in the deep dark abyss of space. At liftoff everything seems fine…but then one of their engines blow up while on their journey. This accident doesn’t allow them to go onto the moon. While trying to figure a way back home, Fred, one of their crew members, gets sick. Many unexplainable things happen that mission. Like when they use the moons orbit to slingshot themselves back to Earth, they lose communication. After countless hours and an added up 20 some days, they finally reach home. NASA calls this mission “the successful failure” because they might not have made it to the moon but they did the impossible and did what no other astronaut could. I would say this movie is very educational, little comedy, and very action packed.

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