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Apocalypse Essay

  • Submitted by: lucieM1
  • on April 18, 2015
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      Albrecht   Durer   was   well   known   in   the   15th   and 16th   centuries   as   one   of   the   strongest   artistic   and   in   Europe.   He   was   a   painter,   writer,   mathematician,   draftsman   and   theorist   from   Nuremberg.   His   first   and   utmost   influence   was   in   printmaking.   He   made   a   well-known   series   of   fifteen   woodcuts   called   the   Apocalypse   which   was   published   in   1498.   The   series   reflected   the   scenes   from   the   Book   of   Revelation.   During   his   first   trip   to   Italy   in   149495,   he   started   his   work   on   the   series   which   was   later   published   in   Latin   and   Germany   at   Nuremberg   in   1498   during   this   time   the   Europe   had   anticipated   last   judgment   at   1500. The   most   famous   print   from   this   series   is   The   Four   Horse   Men   of   the   Apocalypse.
    Albrecht   Durer   body   of   work   includes   altarpieces,   religious   works, numerous   portraits   and   selfportraits   and   copper   engraving ,   the   series   was   different   from   the   rest   because   it   was   a   print   and   contained   more   gothic   than   the   rest.   What   attracted   me   to   choose   this   image is   the   way   it   has   captured   the   text   from   the   Bible   in   the   transformation   of   the   distinctive   colors of   the   horses   into   black   and   white   medium   and   the   overlapping   of   the   four   riders   from   left to right.   Durer’s   meticulous   attention   to   details   and   the   certainty   of   lines   was   remarkable,   regardless   of   the   limitation   of   this   printmaking   technique   he   was   able   to   create   a   scene   that   was   breathtaking   and   plays   a   key   role   in   the   history   of   art.
    The   image   depicts   St   Johns   vision   in   the   Book   of   Revelation   of   the   four   horses   and   riders   who   were   carrying   a   bow,   a   sword   and   scales.   The   riders   are   riding   across   from   left   to   right   over   people   who   are   being   crumpled   by   the   hooves   of   the   horses.   Durer   has   compressed   eight   verses   from   Revelation...

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