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Ap Psych Research Notes Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Deekshita Valiveti

AP Psychology

Period 3

Conducting and Reporting Your Research

    • Type of Research: Correlational Survey Research

    • Hypothesis: As the amount of time spent on homework increases, the average grades of a student subsequently increase.

    • Target Population: High Schoolers

    • Sample Size: 24 High Schoolers from EBHS, Sayreville War Memorial High School, and Old Bridge High School

    • Sample Composition:   8 High Schoolers from EBHS, 8 High Schoolers from SWMHS, and 8 High Schoolers from OBHS. There were both male and female dancers in the dance class, which kept out the confounding variable of gender. Also there was an even distribution of teens from Ages 15-18 so the distribution of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors was even. Around 2 teens from each grade.

    • Random Assignment Procedure: For EBHS, students… during lunch random numbers were drawn out of a container. The numbers correspond to the table number on a chart of tables and sections in the cafeteria. For all other students, in a dance class, they were divided into groups of 4 by the dance instructor and assigned numbers. The numbers were placed in a container and randomly drawn. 4 groups were chosen, all of which had either Sayreville High schoolers and/or Old Bridge High Schoolers.

    • Research Conduction: Survey-attached

    • Variables:

              ▪   independent-   amount of time spent doing homework ( in Hours)

              ▪ Dependent- frequency of average grade ranges

    • Participant Bias- in order to refrain from any types of participant bias, on the survey, there were 2 questions which had no pertinence to the objective of the survey or the hypothesis.

    • Visual Representation: Scatter plot attached

    • Analysis:

      In my opinion, the data I found was a little shocking. I always assumed that the people who got better grades spent more time on their homework to understand every problem and in...

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