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Ants and Colonies Essay

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Ants are widely known as very social beings.   Ants tend to live in colonies that are homes to wide range from 10- to sometimes a million. Ant colonies are sectioned into three groups which are commonly known as castes. These divided sections, are home to the, queen, the workers, and the males. In our day and era a queen, is most commonly looked upon as the ruler, but in the ant rule, the queen does not rule, she simply just establishes the colony, kind of like a great grandmother establishes, that that is her family, at a family reunion. The queen’s job is to simply reproduce for the rest of her life, that is her job and for the ants it is looked upon as highly important.
Ants do their best to keep their nests clean; it is one of the major tasks in each colony. Ants are like humans who have OCD, but much worse. Instead of just taking a quick shower that humans have the luxury of doing, ants just simply lick each other, like a cat that cleans himself, and the queen gets the most licking. With the title of queen, a lot of people would generally think that the queen is the one who rules the colony, but that isn’t the case whatsoever, the one who runs the colony is the female worker. Some of their daily duties are taking care of the queen, enlarging, repairing what needs repaired, and protecting the nest. Workers also watch out for the young ants, and gather the food. Worker ants come in wide range of sizes; some are quite large, while others are quite small. The large workers are called soldiers, and their duties are to guard the colony. Their heads are quite large and they also have manicbles on them also for protection against unknown enemies. The soldiers guard the entrance of the nest, so they control who enters and who leaves.
An investigation that you could try experimenting with ants is, to compare the rate of speed of how the ants form tunnels, and as well as the width of the tunnel systems. I think it would also be very interesting in learning about what...

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