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Annual Report

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Eric Sena Kwashie
BA 2196 Section: 23/Instructor: Teresa Cirillo
Writing Assignment #3: Analysis 10K vs. Annual Report

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announces 10K and annual reports annually to inform interested parties in their company.   Both of these documents inform readers about the financial earnings, future goals and the company’s current standings in its respective market. However, each document is written with different visual presentation, style and context of information for a completely different audience.
The 10K filing and annual report for IBM are developed to give shareholders and interested customers information about the company they are/might be investing in.   The 10K form target people who prefer detailed information. The 10K form follows Securities and Exchange Commission format. This format clearly displays transparency of all IBM’s operations and financial activity of the company; both the merits and demerits results.   On the other hand, the annual report is much more flashy and positive, and it includes a letter from the CEO and IBM’s magnificent financial and operational achievements.   This marketing approach is meant to catch the reader’s attention and to differentiate their company from competitors.
The intent of these documents is made actually varied by the writing styles, visual interpretation and context in which they were created. The visual look of the annual report is much more fun and interesting to read. The annual report begins with a fancy centenarian look of IBM logo representing 100 years of services with products and pictures of important people of IBM. Next was the letter to the investors from the CEO explaining record earnings of the company, and a picture of the CEO was added to the annual report. The visual look of the 10K is black font on a white background throughout the report. It also has some tables illustrating financial and operational activities of the company. The 10K is well...

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