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Annual Report

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Part 1:   Locate the following information.   Be sure to provide the location where you found the requested data.

  1. What is the Company’s full legal name?  
*The Boston Beer Company, Inc.

  2. What is the address of the main corporate office?  
One Design Center Place, Suite 850, Boston, Massachusetts

  3. What is the Company’s business goal?  
“To become the leading brewer om nth Better Beer category by creating and offering high quality full-flavored beer, and attaining this goal through advertising, point of sale, promotional programs and drinker education”

  4. What products and/or services does the Company sell or produce?  
Beer, malt beverages and hard cider

  5. Where does the Company sell its products?
Bars, restaurants, grocery chains, distributers, wholesalers, United States, but also has markets in Canada, Europe,
Israel, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim and Mexico

  6. Ingredients and Packaging:   (Form 10K, pages 6 & 7)
Main ingredients and raw materials used in/for production | Country of Origin |
Malt | United States and Canada |
Hops | Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK |
Yeast | Yeast is kept in house and in secure locations |
shipping cases | |
six-pack carriers | |
CrownsGlass and labels | |

  7. Competition:  
  a) Who are the largest players in the overall U.S. market for this product and competitors?  
Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors LLC, Heineken and Corona
  b) What market category does the Company compete within?
Craft Breweries, specialty beers and most imports
  c) How large is this market category within the overall U.S. market for this product and competitors?
  8. Employees:   How many employees worked for the Company at year-end?   How many were covered by any collective bargaining agreement?  
Approximately 840 people, of which approximately 72 were covered by collective bargaining agreements

  9. On which market exchange does the Company’s Class...

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