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Animal Therapy in the United States Military Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Animal Therapy in the United States Military
Marti Powell
                    University Composition and Communication II/COM156
                          November 25, 2013
                              Tamra Excell

Thesis: The United States Military has different animal therapy programs designed to help Wounded Warriors and active deployed soldiers, and has been doing so since the year 1919.

I.       Animal-Assisted Therapy
        A.     Definition
                  1.     Differences
      2.     The Heart
        B.       In the Beginning
      1.       Thru the years
                    2.       Documentation
II.       Deployment
          A.       War Zone
                    1.       SFC Boe and Budge
                      2.     Trauma and Reassignment
          B.       Lessons
                      1.       Policy
                      2.     Health
III.       Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
          A.         Programs
                        1.       Dog Tags
                        2.       Warrior Transition
            B.         Nonprofit
                      1.       Qualifications
          2.       Benefits
Information for this research paper was obtained by reading articles written for the U.S. Army Medical Department Journal, April-June, 2012.   These articles were written about the use of canines by the military for Animal-assisted Therapy in the military.   All articles are written either by men and women currently serving in the military or civilians working with the programs the military uses.   The canines are used in a variety of settings from being used in a hospital setting to being used in the middle of a war zone.   Animal-assisted Therapy is taken very seriously by the military and used on a daily basis to help our Soldiers.   You will learn of the various ways they help and the programs that allow this to happen.   Our military partners with non-profit...

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