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Animal Testing Essay

  • Submitted by: junior1997
  • on April 17, 2015
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Kacie Larsen
Mrs. Stafford
1st Hour
April 30, 2014
Everyone is “Equal” in America
        The gay rights movement began in 1969, this is where people began to want to have equal rights and be treated equal. Many reasons that caused this movement was so gays could go out in public openly and not get discriminated or arrested. Many gay men that would attempt to pick up a partner in a place or even be subscribed to a non-pornographic magazine they would be arrested. For lesbians it was difficult to obtain custody over children form previous heterosexual marriages. They would end up in court and would have to have co-custody or no custody at all, in some cases women were not even allowed to see their children. During the gay rights movement many homosexuals didn’t even want marriage due to previous experiences, or not want to feel confided into one single relationship. In New York City the LGBT organized the first riot to be visibly noticed everywhere. Then in Minneapolis, Jack Baker and Mike McConnell applied for a marriage license. They were rejected and lawsuit was arranged. This was a starting point for gays to actually consider getting married and not being discriminated for it. Baker and McConnell didn’t succeed legally or politically. (Frederick Hertz) In 2003 the Supreme Court overturned all state antisodomy laws include the ones in Texas that were strictly for gays. By 1999 11 states had laws that protected homosexuals from discrimination and even though many religious groups and organizations tried to get these laws appealed they still kept them. One of these states that passed these laws was Vermont. Massachusetts began giving marriage licenses to gay couples in the start of May 2004. In 2006 New Jersey put a ban on discrimination against same-sex marriages, allowing for them to be licensed out. Then in 2008, California and Connecticut also passed laws stating that same-sex marriage was allowed and that they had equal rights as everyone else along with...

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