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Animal Sacrifices Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 20, 2015
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Rayaan Shrestha
Alex Kurian
Language Arts Adv-9
Religious sacrifices in the name of Religion: Speech
Animal abuse is not legitimate; we can all agree on that obviously. In fact, there is a law on it. However, religions today still practice the appalling act of slaughtering innocent animals as part of a ritual! I mean what kind of a god would ask for the sacrifice of his own creations? We can understand that slaughtering animals for nutrition is acceptable but for religious purposes? it is simply absurd and immoral. Cruelty against animals in the name of culture or religion must be banned therefore we must stand together and raise awareness to stop it!
Every 5 years near the border of Nepal and India, the Gadhimai festival takes place. Essentially this festival can be called ‘the world’s largest animal massacre’ due to its massive killing of more than 250,000 animals. The slaughtering is witnessed by a huge number of people. This festival happens as people want to appease the gods so in return they would be granted welfare. I believe that is completely nonsense and it’s all superstitious. And what’s the gain of that in reality after sacrificing these animals? Nothing! This act simply makes a mockery of their own religion because they are doing inhumane acts in the name of god! Worshiping and Cruelty should not go together. We humans should have no control over the life spans of living creatures.
In addition to that, it is god/superior being who is supposed to give or end life. “A Sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves.” This quote is from Mother Teresa and she proves a great point. The slaughterers who kill these animals feel no loss or pain. When we sacrifice these animals to please god it contradicts to the real meaning of sacrifice. We should empathize for these poor animals because we are deciding their fate. They are also living creatures and they go through immense pain and suffering because of us. An interesting fact...

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