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Animal Farm Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Animal Farm literary analysis
The novel Animal Farm is a book about animals wanting to take the farm from their abusive owners.   This can be seen as a revolt or a war to show the humans that they are done being treated this way. Animal Farm by George Orwell is an allegory for the Russian Revolution due to the similarities in the events, characters, and events.
Animal Farm is similar to the Russian revolution these are some of the characters that are just like people from the Russian revolution. Mr. Jones is both kind and cruel just like Czar Nicholas II. Mr. Jones would be cruel by beating his animals and Czar Nicholas II would be cruel by beating his enemy and being brutal while doing it. Old Major is just like Karl Marx. They both die before the revolution begins. They both had popular motto’s too Old major said (Workers to the work rich keep the $). Karl Marx said (Workers of the world unite).
There some major key events that is similar to the Russian revolution in Animal Farm. The animals are begging to revolt which is the begging of the Russian Revolution. The battle of Cowshed is the return of Jones which is just like the battle of the Tsarists forces against the Bolsheviks. In this battle Mr. Jones returns with a sight to take back his farm but he isn’t ready and the animals defeat him. The battle of Windmill is similar to the battle of Stalingrad which is the German invasion of Russia during WWII
The theme of Animal Farm is similar to that of the Russian Revolution because they are both talking about gaining power and being superior over other living things. Animal Farm also states that history can repeat itself and this is showing that is true because when the animals revolt they are able to show their master that they are tired of being treated like they are nothing and they will do whatever it takes to show them that. With the Russian revolution the Russians are showing the Germans that they are don’t like being treated this way and believe that...

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