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Anerobic Exercie Can Result Production Of Essay

  • Submitted by: joannetruong
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Sabrina Truong                                                                
Puccinelli Block 3
03 Sept 2009                           What Makes A Good Video
I think a good music video needs to have numerous good qualities. One thing it needs to have behind it is depth. Well, then again there are some music videos that are just about having a good time and living it up, but music videos that have a strong meaning behind them can really mean a lot to a person. A really good example of this is “The Resolution” by Jack’s Mannequin. The theme here is “I survived, I made it through this”. Andrew Mcmahon, the lead vocalist/pianist of Jack’s Mannequin had a battle with leukemia not too long ago and thankfully, he won this battle after undergoing several treatments of chemotheraphy. But you don’t have to have fought a big battle with a disease to understand and feel connected to this song. It contains a universal theme of, “I’m alive”, so for anybody who has seen darker days, this is a good theme song for them, and the video helps to portray this message. It shows Andrew, with a brave face on, packing up his things and moving on. At first, he is walking along the shore, but is later seen packing up his suitcases, getting into a truck with his things, and driving away. I think this symbolizes moving on, getting past those darker days of struggle. Music videos that portray things well like this definitely have a lot of meaning/depth to them, and they can help make people feel stronger, less alone, and send the message that they can fight through those rough times.
Another thing that makes a good music video is having more than just a performance. I’ve seen music videos where the whole thing is just the artist performing, which gets pretty boring. Then again, some bands that haven’t made it big in the industry yet don’t have the money to make a music video that contains something other than a performance. But as for those who can afford it, music videos should not be...

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