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Ancient India Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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No legal system can subsist without rights and duties and duties in the sense of act and forbearances towards others. The ancient Indian law, like any other legal systems of the ancient world, protected and law recognized the interests of individuals living in the community through law, Rights and duties construed as allowances, benefits and obligations were the part of ancient India legal system. But the concept of rights neither developed into the concept of natural right nor did it nature the psychology which is peculiar to the legal philosophy of the West. Modern concept of right brings with it to the owner of such rights, the sense, that he owns these rights like property. He thinks that others owe him the duty to respect his rights. He is of these rights though such ownership is called only incorporeal ownership. Such rights make men egocentric. They only fee a concern about themselves with an unconcerned and indifference towards others and the affairs of society. This has resulted in the attitude of man to disown society and become irresponsible to its purposes. The enforcement of one’s own legal rights through a legal action, which is just like a battle, is itself steeped in the idea of conflict, and quarrel of civilized combatants. To this extent the lopsided view of one’s own rights generates disharmony as well as disintegration of social unity. Thus, the doctrine of natural rights seems to have too much sanctity to the idea of individual rights. The doctrine of natural rights has its birth in terminological confusion created by natural law doctrine rob son considers that jus Natural produced the doctrine of natural right as a result of the ambiguity of meaning in gerent in the wood ‘jus’.One meaning of Jus is right, That which is morally binding. Jus may also be a right, that is, an actual and legally enforceable right. In the latter signification, jus natural means a right of nature, a right possessing inherent...

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