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Ancient Greece Vs. Ancient Rome Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Imagine Ancient Greece, a nation where strict laws regulate daily life, particularly of women, and citizens are expected to worship the Greek gods in everything they do. Now picture Ancient Rome, the centre of the greatest empire in the ancient world. Entertainment is provided, as is a job, and reasonable wealth. In their book, ‘Nelson History 1’, Eshuys et. al. (2001) state that in Rome, citizens could ‘...drink Greek wine out of a Syrian glass as they enjoyed a meal of British oysters presented on a French silver platter...’ This essay will prove that ‘ancient Roman people had better lives than ancient Greek people’ through the discussion and comparison of ancient Greek & ancient Roman power, entertainment and women.

Ancient Rome was the most powerful civilisation in the ancient world. Its immense power was partially due to its undefeatable army, which was the best trained army in the ancient world, and managed to conquer lands, protect the Roman Empire’s borders and keep the people under control, according to Jo Eshuys et al., 2001. Ancient Greece’s army, on the other hand, was practically non-existent due to the mountainous terrain throughout Greece that prevented significant land travel. The Romans power was further bolstered   by their skills in trade. The Romans quickly identified the enormous potential for growth in trade.   This encouraged the Roman army to build over 85,000 kilometres of road for easier, faster trade. This trade led to Rome’s increasing wealth, which incorporated a wide variety of jewellery, including rings, brooches, etc. (all carved with family symbols), made of gold, silver, bronze, glass, and many more. Most Roman jewellery was generally worn by women.

Greece on the other hand was famous for its rare, but beautiful pottery, which often told stories of heroes, gods and everyday events, however Greece was limited in its trade as, due to the mountains in Greece, traders could take months to reach another Greek city. This left Greece...

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