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Anayse Advert Essay

  • Submitted by: jobenkinsa
  • on April 1, 2014
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This essay analysis an advert which features a well-knowncelebrity, Lira. Lira is a well-known artist and this advert is an intertextuality therefore it falls into two categories identified by Hitchon and Jura (1997), as “celebrities as symbols” and silver-screen reflections.   In this advertisement, the product that is being advertised Women Shield Spray and Lira functions as intertext.
Relevance Theoryforms an inferential pragmatic attempt to describethe phenomenon that people “can and do entertain deeply context-sensitive relationswith each other in a fast and routine way yet with great flexibility” (Staβheim, 2010: 1414; cf. Wilson and Sperber, 2004: 607-608). Its main underpinnings rest on the observation that the words contained in the texts/utterances produced by interlocutors do not encompass all that is communicated. In fact, words may even be omitted as illustrated by cases in which gestures suffice (Staβheim, 2010: 1414).
To study this phenomenon, RT conceptualizes the question as to how addressees are able to arrive at a communicator’s intended meaning as one of selection – or of relevance (Staβheim, 2010: 1414; cf. Wilson and Sperber, 2004: 607-608). More specifically, RT studies the cognitive procedures that enable individuals to interpret a given text/utterance by processing both its content and context, on the basis of background knowledge, in order to assign to the communicator the intention to render a particular interpretation salient at the expense of alternative options (Staβheim, 2010: 1419; Wilson and Sperber, 2004: 607-608).
The addressee is thus involved in a process of drawing inferences on the basis of what they find relevant, both in terms of the content of a text/utterance as well as its context. The search for relevance involves the construction of contextual implications. These are conclusions derived by drawing contextual assumptions that allow for the construction of a premise (Wilson and Sperber, 2004: 619; Yus, 2003: 1312)....

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