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Analysis of the History of the Profession of Hypnotherapy

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  • on August 20, 2015
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Short Essay
Analysis of the history of the profession of hypnotherapy

The ancient healing power of suggestion has been in the use of humanity from more than 4000
years. Daubner, B. (2012)
The view about hypnosis which prevailed for centuries it was a believe that hypnosis can be
used to perform miracles or control minds. The occultist of ancient times was the scientific
establishment of its days having the same purpose as modern science today „curing human
illness and increasing consciousness, knowledge about the function of things,” „from magic
power to everyday trance”. The history of hypnosis is really the change in perception, about „an
inherent and universal trait shared and experienced by all human beings”.(historyofhypnosis.org)
From the ancient healers there was an unbroken direct path to Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815),
the Viennese physician. Mesmer is known as the first in the Age of Reason who can be seen as
the last personality of „occult hypnosis” and the first of the scientific viewpoint. He studied
theology before medicine. His „animal magnetism” was influenced by Isaac Newtons theory of
gravity. The influences of the planets operate in the human body through a universal force. This
force was termed by him animal magnetism. (historyofhypnosis.org/franz-anton-mesmer/)
Individual physicians and researchers explored the techniques discovered by Mesmer. In Britain
John Eliotson (1791-1868), a British physician, opened the London Mesmeric Infirmary in 1849,
where he used hypnosis for anaesthesia and pain control in surgery. Jean-Martin Charcot (18251893), Director of Medicine at the Saltpêtrière Women’s Asylum, related hypnosis to hysteria.
He saw the ready susceptibility that hysteria displayed towards hypnosis and made his
conclusion about hypnosis as another form of hysteria. Hippolyte Bernheim (1840-1919), a
professor of medicine at the University of Nancy proved that suggestibility is a normal human
trait. Sigmund Freud...

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