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Analysis Of Persepolis

  • Submitted by: kouldfog
  • on March 22, 2012
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Microtheme 2
    Culture clash as well as losing self-identity is two major problems that exist at Persepois and Death and the King’s horsemen. The story of Marjane Satrapi’s childhood reveals an alternative path of Iran. Satrapi is growing with strong identity among a variety of influence and ideas. Her family is living with western lifestyle. Her father gave her a lot of freedom to be someone she wants to be. She likes most western kids in 80s, wearing tight jeans, punk jacket, which is against a taboo in Iranian religion. Even Satrapi lived at Iran, she was very liberial girl that viewed the Islamic revolution is a story of a minority that has imposed its view on the majority. When Islamic government had executed her uncle, she felt lost meaning of life and her own god. She felt religion couldn’t really relive the sadness of human being, Moreover, Satrapi felt self-losting sometimes when she studied at western society, culture clash changed her mind again, especially her roommate’s point of view about sexual liberation. Satrapi tried to assimilate herself, becoming one of her western friend, but she felt betrayed her own value and what she parents what she to be. Satrapi had culture clash experience in Europe because she county is extremely conservative. But culture clash happens in the Death and King’s Horseman because westerns knows less knowledge about Yoruba culture and British
    Yoruba are uneasily occupying the same geographic space, although their emotional and spiritual worlds could not be apart. In the Acts 2 and 4, the British listen to a tango and orchestral music. Simon and Jane do not understand the beliefs of the Africans, and they dismiss what they do understand as “ barbaric”, and “nonsense”. They see no harm to wear the sacred egungun gaments to costume party and mocking the ceremonial dance, even after Amusa and Olunde point out the disrespect in their action.
Persepois and The Death and King’s Horseman both mentioned culture clash....

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