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Analysis of Organizational Structure

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An Analysis of Organizational Strategy

For my research paper I have decided to look into organizational strategy; how it is developed, if structure plays a part and how it is adapted to achieve success.   Every individual has a strategy.   While an individual’s strategy is relatively simple there are many aspects that make it complete.   Now imagine the strategy of an organization, the number of aspects must grow with the rate of the organization.   This paper will research if organizational strategy is developed over time and with input from the members of the organization.   Another function of organizational strategy that will be investigated is whether or not organizational structure plays a part. For example, is strategy different for a matrix organization verse a divisional organization?   And finally this paper will review how often strategy is updated and how do you adapt a strategy if there is a lack of success.   In the end there are many things that affect organizational strategy.   It is my goal to sift through these and investigate what the keys are for success.

Analysis of Organizational Structure
Carpenter and Sanders define strategy as “the coordinated means by which an organization pursues its goals and objectives” (Carpenter & Sanders, 2007).   While Larson and Gray say that it is “fundamentally deciding how the organization will compete” (Larson & Grey, 2010).   If you do a brief internet search you will find that there are numerous types of strategies defined.   Some examples are: corporate, business, transformational, operational, and organizational.   Every type of strategy is different and they each have their own way of being developed.   They each create a different future for the business and therefore will require different skills and varying approaches.   This paper will focus on organizational structure; what it is, how it is developed, does organizational structure matter and how is it updated and adapted for success....

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