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Analyses of the Importance of the Inter Agency Planning for Major Incidents Essay

  • Submitted by: poptarthoe
  • on April 14, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Analyses of the Importance of the Inter Agency Planning for Major Incidents" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Inter agency planning produces many benefits and positive outcomes which enhance the effectiveness of the services and the organisations involved in the planning process. This in turn benefits the public as their holistic needs are met due to the variety of organisations involved in the inter agency approach such as the police, ambulance the district councils and the health & social care trust. The diverse range of useful resources, including equipment, skills and Knowledge, with inters agency planning all of the community’s needs are meat. The health and social care trust can provide medical after care the district councils can provide clouth food and shelter for any displaced individuals and the ambulance can provide immediate paramedic first aid at the incident.   The inter agency approach enables more power due to the police and local government being involved, meaning more can be done and more resources can be accessed for the public’s benefits. The public will be the ones that reap the benefits as the inter agency approach will produce a resilient society which is resistant to disruption and able to cope with emergency events and recover quickly with mimum chaos and disruption.

All the services are involved in what is known as the planning cycle. The cycle is one focused on planning however makes it effective and useful as it entails education, exercise, review and rewriting, ensuring the plan is up to date. Up to date plans are vitally important as organisations such as the police and health & social care trust often experience change as does the environment, infrastructure and society we therefore always need to adapt.

The first stage of the planning process is known as Assessment/Direction. This is where all the services come together and become aware of both the internal and external factors and the potenal after effects and consequences if there is failure on their part; this therefore educating them on the scope of the situation and allowing them...

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