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An Example of a Plan for a Card-Game

  • Submitted by: Johncreg321
  • on April 1, 2014
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16 players in the main event, 8 winners from the qualifiers will make up the 16 in the main event.

These are the two qualifiers:

The games are NOT revealed to the players until the event has started, as I like the element of surprise in these events ;).

I am Requesting a Kenny Cr for each winner in the qualifiers (8 for each qualifier, so = 16)

And finally this is how the final round in the main event is set up

The Final 2:

They have a decision, this is one of the options: they choose to fight so it will end up as one winner which = Manon Cr, if it is too much I hope Vickie Cr is alright for the grand winner.

The other decision is that the final 2 don't battle AT ALL, so the main prize is divided by 4 so Manon Cr = roughly 1 million so divide by 4 = 250k-ish cr such as Melissa Cr, both for the 2 finalists, if you are not comfortable with Manon Cr as the main prize I request a 100k Cr such as Jackie Cr for this option.

The Qualifiers:
Here is an example of one game I am planning for the first round:
Half n Half:
I trick the players in choosing a 'partner' so in their mind they think that this person will be the person they work with throughout the whole event, instead, it will be the person they battle! The Deck will be made by me and I will make it as annoying as possible :)

It is organised like this

Round 1
From 24 players to 12

Round 2
From 12 players to 8

The following 8 players will go to the main event and will win a Kenny Cr Each

Then in the main event will be slightly different so:

Round 1
16 > 12

The final 12 will play a game of 'Who's the killer?''
This will be the game itself:

The 12 players will be given roles, it will be like this:
There are 2 'phases', DAY and NIGHT
All the players will choose to vote a person out. And the Guardians will choose a person to protect in the night. The voted person is eliminated off the event COMPLETELY
The killers will...

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