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American Literature Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Coming into the twentieth century brought with it cultural, political, and social changes that were reflected in literature beginning with realism, and as the century evolved new social conditions and eras of literature came to surface bringing with it modernism and post World War II literature. The Norton Anthology of American Literature (Seventh Edition) informs us that all three of these distinct styles and respective authors can be identified and exemplified through the unique pieces that each era and writer had to offer. For the recounting of the life of the ordinary man or woman in literary realism came writers like Mark Twain with his contribution. For the modernist style of focusing on the individual and the issues with the social forces outside, F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner appropriately represent this era. Finally there are the writers that emerged after World War II in the postmodern era, who focused on the fragmented and the experimental. Kurt Vonnegut and John Cheever serve as fine examples of these types of writers in this era. The development of these three major trends in American Literature, beginning in 1865, are responsible for the creation of splendid and timeless works that embody the distinctive characteristics of each period.
Realism was a movement that occurred during the 1830’s until the end of the century involving American literature. Realism is a technique; it uses a particular kind of subject matter, especially the representation of middle class life. Realists attempted to represent life as it was lived rather than life, as it ought to be. During this period of time, beginning with the Civil War and continuing on until the turn of the century, authors such as Mark Twain and William Dean Howells wrote fictional stories devoted to accurate representation of American lives. Between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War I, many nonfiction works were devoted to the description, analysis and the critique of...

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