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American Historical Film Analysis

  • Submitted by: bigfoot936
  • on March 24, 2012
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The Crossing is a fairly accurate account of the Washington crossing the Delaware River. The main characters are General George Washington, Colonel John Glover, Alexander Hamilton, General Henry Knox, and several other generals. The event takes place on and around the Delaware River during December 1776. The story starts with Washington retreating to and later crossing the Delaware River. Washington then meets up with two other armies and devises a plan to attack a group of Hessians further down the river in the city of Trenton. His plan is to use stolen boats to cross the river on Christmas night when the Hessians have gone to sleep and take the city. With several doubts from the other generals, Washington’s army crosses the river and marches on Trenton. The crossing and marching take longer that expected but Washington’s army still take the Hessians by surprise and win for the first time in the war.  
This film is accurate, especially when it comes to Washington’s character. Like Washington, the actor who plays him, Jeff Daniels, is very tall (about six-four) and wears his own hair instead of a wig. Daniels also shows the lesser-known qualities of Washington. He was a heavy drinker; he loved women; he had an explosive temper; and, he was very stubborn. Actually, his success as a general has a lot to do with his stubbornness and unwillingness to give up. The basic plot sequences are also very accurate. The movie does have a few historical errors, though. A major error is that Alexander Hamilton is part of Washington’s staff in the movie, but he was actually an artillery officer during the battle of Trenton. He did not join Washington’s staff until weeks later at the battle of Princeton. Another minor error is that the British, in the first battle, use the French and Indian War style uniforms, but would have used a different type in the Revolutionary War. Lastly, another obvious historical inaccuracy is the way the characters talked. The dialogue is more fitting...

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