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America "The Land of Opportunity" Essay

  • Submitted by: spayne8
  • on April 1, 2014
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America: The Land of Opportunity

America prides itself on being the “land of opportunity”, however, many Americans take the opportunities America has to offer for granted. Americans are able to pursue their dreams and move up on the economic ladder without being restricted by their race, gender, or social standing.   Americans also have freedom to make their own decisions. Along with all of these opportunities, the economic opportunities America has to offer are one of the main reasons foreigners are drawn to America. Foreigners believe that success can be obtained in America with hard work, persistence, and determination.   To them, America is the place where dreams can come true.
Some Americans have a hard time grasping why immigrants would risk their lives in order to come to America.   From an American’s perspective, one’s life is more valuable then any job opportunity or sum of money, however for an immigrant, a decent paying job is necessary in order to live a satisfactory life. Immigrants realize that crossing the border illegally could mean losing their life, but many believe the life they currently have is not worth living.   Many of them do not have enough food to eat, a place to live, or an opportunity to have a job that allows them to support themselves and their family. For most immigrants, there is no other choice but to put their lives on the line and cross the border in hopes of achieving the American Dream.
In America today, the idea of America as the “land of opportunity” is starting to fade.   What once was a country that prided itself on the possibility of anyone having a “rags to riches” story, has the face the reality that in today’s day and age, this rarely happens.   With rising unemployment rates and lowered educational opportunities, Americans are losing hope.   Results from a recent study found that less than fifty percent of Americans view the economic system as fair, while in 1998, seventy percent of Americans sided with this...

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