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Ambiguity Essay

  • Submitted by: rawanhass
  • on March 24, 2012
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Lexical ambiguity

The man went to the bank

1. We saw her duck
because a guy saw a girl actually ducking down or her pet duck.

2. "I don't like his type." Characteristics/Printer.
3.   "He strips the bark and leaves." Greenery/Departs.
4. "Eye drops off the shelf." This phrase could mean that an eye has fallen from a shelf or that someone can get eye drops from off the shelf. The word "drops" could be used as a noun or a verb.

5. "He is going to buy a blazer." In this sentence a blazer could be a piece of men's apparel or an automobile. 

a structural

1. "he likes old men and women"
since it could mean that he likes old men and old women or old men and all women, because the adjective "old" is placed ambiguously

2. visiting aunts can be boring
    Aunts who visit can be boring
    To visit aunts can be boring

3. visiting sick people can be boring
4. the girl hit the boy with a book
5. john loves his mother and so does Bill
6. I saw the man with the telescope.

vague sentence

1.A police-officer asks an eyewitness: "Since you eye witnessed the robber, could you please describe him for me?
The eyewitness replies: "You know, he was tall, kinda short and, you know, dark and light skinned - Let me think, and you know, He - he looked like a man."
This description has absolutely no substance, as it does not give the police officer any additional information, clue or evidence about the robbers' figure. Thus, this reply could be considered to be a vague sentence.
2.  "There were a whole bunch of things over there".

3. it's about half past two.
4. "You have to ask a doctor or a lawyer or someone like that."
5. I gave it to whatsisname in the accounts department."

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