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Ambidextrous Essay

  • Submitted by: jpkamanzi411
  • on March 24, 2012
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To Be Born Left-Handed and Find Yourself Ambidextrous
My mother was born in a poor family in Democratic Republic of Congo. Things were though in 1960s because of colonization. People were unable to send their children in school but my maternal grandparents had the chance to send their children to school so they can able to gain something. They wanted them to be educated so they can be able to educate their future children. However, in order to send their children to school; my maternal grandparents had to sell cows and for those who didn’t have a lot of cows parents and their children were supposed to do something else. Boys were supposed to go with their father and cultivate and girls were supposed to stay with their mother to clean the house, cook foods, do laundry, and do dishes. At least my mother had a chance to go to school and she graduated from college. During the time my mother faced with a lot of difficulties of being lefty, which I’ll describe below.
Truth in a nutshell is that I knew nothing about being ambidextrous until I heard my mother’s story on the left-handed people. My mother was born left-handed when she started school it was a requisite everyone use only their right hand. If not one would be severely punished. Indeed, it happened to my mother. Her teacher hit her on the edge of her left hand fingers until she would be forced to use her right hand. Just because she was born lefty, I found that “bullshit”. It was not her mistake to be like that and she did not choose to be like that either. No one does.
Africa was an unknown continent for Europeans. The first time Europeans came in Africa they seemed admirable and confident to African natives. Also, Europeans were accepted with kindness, mostly because Africans were so surprised by the white men that they desired to know more about them. As the time was coming up in the 19th century Europeans were competing for raw materials. Later on Europeans decided to produce more than ever in their...

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