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Aluminum Essay

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Aluminum Production

What is aluminum?

Aluminum is an abundant metallic chemical element which is widely used throughout the world for a wide range of products.

The Element Aluminum

Atomic Number: 13
Melting Point: 660.323°C
Boiling Point: 2519°C
Density: 2.70 grams per cubic centimeter
Phase at Room Temperature: Solid
Element Classification: Metal
Period Number: 3    
Group Number: 13    
Group Name: none

What is aluminum used for?

• Transportation: In addition to auto parts, motorcycles and airplane parts increasingly are made of aluminum, as are license plates.

• Building and construction: Siding, roofing, gutters, window frames, hardware, paint are made from aluminum. Aluminum materials are also used for farm and highway construction.

• Packaging:   This includes aluminum foil and trays, gum and candy wrappers. The product is lightweight and can be impermeable to water or light.

• Other uses include electrical products such as light bulbs, power and phone lines. In the health and hygiene industry, aluminum goes into food additives, astringents, antacids and even buffered aspirin. Aluminum is a major component of household cooking products such as pots, pans and utensils. The recreation and sporting goods industry uses aluminum in the manufacture of lawn furniture, baseball bats, golf clubs, tents etc.

Advantages of Aluminum

Light Weight
For example, the use of aluminum in vehicles reduces dead-weight and energy consumption while increasing load capacity.
Corrosion Resistance
Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistant. Different types of surface treatment such as anodizing, painting etc. can further improve this property
Electrical and Thermal Conductivity
Aluminium is an excellent heat and electricity. This has made aluminum the most commonly used material in major power transmission lines.
Aluminium is a good reflector of visible light, which makes...

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