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Alternative Fuel Essay

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Alternative Fuel
In the following lines we will analyze the factors that influence the choice of alternative fuel. This decision would be one in which the fuel is more affordable, which cause less environmental impact and are more familiar to people. The main alternative fuels are: Biodiesel, Electricity, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Methanol, Natural Gas and LPG. It is worth noting that some of these fuels have traditionally been produced from non-renewable resources, however the world and scientific approach is alternative production using renewable sources of raw material. All these fuels are already being used in a wide variety of vehicles around the world, as some of these fuels require special accommodations or whether or not vehicle designs, compared to vehicles using fuels derived from petroleum. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils, animal fats or vegetable fats and discarded. Biodiesel fuel is a safe, biodegradable and presents substantial reductions in the generation of pollutants such as carbon monoxide tale area carbon particles, hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatics. Today is used blended with petroleum diesel to proportion of 20-80% in diesel machines without modification. This was obtained a strong impact in improving environmental performance with minimal cost and hassle of maintenance and trouble-free machines 100% petro diesel. Electricity, on the other hand, mostly marketed as electric vehicles. Its capacity is limited because when stored in battery banks are depleted and require no mechanism that resets. This reset mechanism can be fed conventional sources or better yet from renewable sources like solar or wind energy. However, it should be noted that hybrid vehicles with electric storage cells, Hydrogen used to produce water when combined with atmospheric oxygen in an electrochemical reaction, thus generating electricity. This should be clear that this is a process which overall is a consumer of energy and its main advantage is the...

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