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Aj Davis Essay

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MATH 533
Prof. Talib

AJ, Davis a large department store chain, has registered my company to help them find out more about their customers who shop using credit. A sample of 50 credit customers have been selected based on five variables which follow as: location, income, size, years and credit balance.

The first individual variable considered is size. It is a quantitative variable. The measures of the count and size have been calculated for this variable as shows below. It shows us the highest frequency is size 2 for frequency of 15.

The 2nd individual variable is Location. It is a categorical variable. The three subcategories are Urban, suburban and Rural. Since this is a categorical variable, the measures of central tendency and descriptive statistics are not included in this variable. The pie chart below reflects that. So there are 48.5% of the 50 customers who live in an urban area, followed by 38% in suburban and lastly 23% who live in a rural area.

The third individual variable considered would be the credit balance. This is a quantitative variable. The box plot below shows the upper quartile of credit balances at $4748, 4748 is equivalent to 75% of the customers that fall below   that quartile. The lower quartile of the credit balances show $3109 which is 255 of the customers that fall below the median at $4090 which is in the center of the credit balance. The measures of central tendency, variation and other descriptive statistics have been calculated for this variable as shown below.
Descriptive Statistics: Credit Balance($)
Descriptive Statistics:
Credit Balance($)
Mean 3964.06
Standard Error 132.0159991
Median 4090
Mode 3890
Standard Deviation 933.4940816
Sample Variance 871411.2004
Kurtosis -0.741830067
Skewness -0.129506489
Range 3814
Minimum 1864
Maximum 5678
Sum 198203
Count 50

Income and Location
This graph below shows that of the 50 customers only 22 customers live in an...

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