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Airplanes Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Robert tucker
Career research paper

Airplane pilot
      The only requirements are a four year collage degree at any collage and are open to

Any sex type. The colleges could be any were but the top two are ISU for a full time of

One semester is $2,708 and its $5,416. And for Harvard for a full semester is $53,950 and

For a full year is $107,900. Some the advancements are become a pilot captain or a raise

In your salary. Also people in your family can fly for free if it’s a family emergence.

The work space is everybody in uniforms friendly people and good hours

The work hours can range from 75 to 100 hours a month which is 10 to 14 hours a week

And 900 to 1200 hours a year. The hours are Monday- Sunday including holidays

Because of the people traveling to see family for the holidays. Some of the

Responsibilities are getting the people to the place in on time and in one piece, making

That the plane is in any condition to fly, and to make sure the people are comfortable on

there flight there.

      The people perfect for this job would be like being able to stand being under pressure,

Listening to other people and understand them, and to give out orders clearly and fast.

The wages in Idaho yearly ranges from $51,930 to $110,160. In Boise its $58,720 to

$110,160 yearly. And in the USA its $56,620 to $144,010 yearly. The rewards can range

From being promoted to a new position to a world wide hero. Some of outlooks are being

A aerospace engineers, astronauts, locomotives engineers, ship captains and mates, and

Ship pilots.

      There are no definite gender issues because some of the pilots are men and women

Working together.

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